Austrade’s Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) program aims to help Australian businesses grow their exports sales in international markets. The EMDG program has existed since 1974, and operated as a ‘reimbursement scheme’ for 47 years. From 01 July 2021 (FY22) the ‘reimbursement scheme’ became a ‘grants program’ know by insiders as EMDG 2.0 which is now operates under new Legislation Rules/Regulations and Administrative guidelines. EMDG is intended to encourage small to medium enterprises (SME) to market and promote their products globally. EMDG is a grant for eligible export expenses related promotional activities undertaken by your business.

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What is EMDG 2.0

Unlike its predecessor the new EMDG 2.0 Grant program operates as an eligibility-based, demand-driven grants program, providing upfront certainty to grantees regarding the grant they will receive. However, it’s important to note that this certainty is subject to lodging a successful milestone report, as it is a Pre-approval rather than a Pre-payment system. Under EMDG 2.0, grants are awarded annually in designated Rounds. These grant Rounds are offered to businesses across 3 Tiers, as well as representative bodies, with the aim of ensuring upfront grant funding certainty through a grant offer/agreement

(Pre-approval NOT Pre-payment).


Round 4 – (01 July 2025 to 30 June 2027) – Applications OPENING TBA – (Est opening Qtr 2 or Qtr 3 FY25)

Round 3 Applications NOW CLOSED – Year 1 Milestone Reporting NOW OPEN March 2024 to June 2025
Round 2 Applications NOW CLOSED – Year 2 Milestone Reporting NOW OPEN March 2024 to June 2025
Round 1 Applications NOW CLOSED – Year 3 Milestone Reporting NOW OPEN March 2024 to June 2025


EMDG is an eligibility-based, demand-driven program. Grants are for eligible promotional activities undertaken by small to medium sized exporters and representative bodies. Small to medium enterprise (SME) exporters can apply for grants over 8 years in total (not necessarily consecutively). Representative bodies have no maximum grant years. Grants for businesses are available in 3 tiers with each providing a different level of support for SMEs as they grow their export markets. View the TAB table below to view the different grant amounts offered to date. You apply first and Austrade calculates the grant amount for each Tier and Representative Bodies based on the the number of applicants and available funds

The 3 tiers are:


Eligibility requirements include the following criteria:

Applicants need to be a representative body, or an Australian individual, a company, an association, or cooperative, a trust, or a partnership, or a body corporate established for a public purpose

Applicants’ must have a high-quality plan that is unique and tailored to their business for marketing or promoting eligible products in a foreign country

Have annual turnover of more than $100K or a higher amount & less than $20 million

Applicants must demonstrate a capacity to spend $20,000 or a higher amount on marketing and promotional activities.

have an Australian Business Number (ABN).

(Rules apply)



Eligible products must be of
substantially Australian origin and be:

Tourism Services
IP or know-how

(Rules apply)


EMDG Grant funds must be used for promotional activities to market eligible products in foreign countries or for training activities to develop skills in marketing for this purpose

maintaining a representative in a foreign country
short trips to a foreign country
engaging a consultant to undertake research or promotional activities
short trips within Australia
foreign buyer visits
soliciting for business in foreign country
providing free samples
producing and providing promotional and advertising material
intellectual property rights
if you are a Tier 1 applicant, obtaining export readiness training

(Rules apply)