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The OLD EMDG 1.0 Reimbursement scheme is now replaced by a NEW EMDG 2.0 Grant scheme.

EMDG 1.0 ceased to exist after the close of Round 47 on 28 February 2022.

The New EMDG 2.0 scheme is created by NEW Legislation, Rules, Administrative Guidelines and processes

What is EMDG 2.0

The NEW EMDG 2.0 program is designed to provide upfront Grant funding certainty

(Pre-approval only NOT Pre-payment)

see above for different Tiers and grant amounts.

Let us show you how !

Who can apply ?

To be eligible you must:

be a representative body or an Australian  individual, a company, a trust, or a partnership, within the definitions of the EMDG Act

have annual turnover of less than $20 million

have an Australian Business Number (ABN).

EMDG 2.0 Round 2 refers to the NEW EMDG scheme & is for planned marketing activities & training from 1st of July 2022.

Australian SME’s that are export ready and have a turnover of less than $20 million will be able to apply for grants of up to $770,000 per applicant over a maximum of 8 financial years (not necessarily consecutively) for eligible promotional activities.

Grants will be available in stages called Tiers. There are 4 Tiers

What products are eligible ?

EMDG provides assistance for you to promote many different types of Australian products, including:


Goods (Made Outside Australia ) GMOA

Tourism Services

Services (Other Than Tourism Services) SOTTS


IP or know-how


Your product must have a designated connection to Australia.


What is claimable ?

maintaining a representative in a foreign country (limits apply)

short trips to a foreign country (max 21 days)

engaging a consultant to undertake research or promotional activities

short trips within Australia (limits apply)

foreign buyer visits

soliciting for business in foreign country

providing free samples

producing and providing promotional and advertising material

intellectual property rights

if you are a Tier 1 applicant, obtaining export readiness training

(Rules apply)

When is the lodgement window ?

Round 1 GY22 Applications NOW CLOSED – Milestone Reporting OPENS 01 July 2022 & CLOSES 30 August 2022

Round 2 GY23 Applications OPEN 06 July 2022 and CLOSE 17 August 2022… time to get started now.

We expect Application assessments to take 10 – 12 weeks. Grant Agreement Offer to follow.

Round 2 Grant Agreement Offers will be for Marketing and Promotional activities/expenses undertaken as from 01 July 2022 (yep you will have already commenced your promotional activities & spend before your application is assessed and before you receive a Grant Agreement Offer)


We charge a commission on the paid grant. No other charges will apply unless we agree in advance, minimum fees apply. We get paid when you get paid.

That’s a good deal !

Steps to Success – EMDG 2.0

After you sign up and appoint us as your EMDG Consultant we will manage all aspects of your EMDG application. Answer all your questions and do nearly all the work. Because there are some things only you can do and we will explain what you need to do. This will be done while leading you through the application processes one step at a time.

Round 2 applies from 01 July 2022


We talk with you to understand your business circumstances.

We go to work on your Application

You review our work before we eLodge

AUSTRADE assesses your EMDG application

You get paid your grant $$$

1. We talk with you to understand your business circumstances.

First we will ‘virtual meet’ with you via teleconference/telephone/email to understand your cicumstances answer your questions , discuss terms and determine what needs doing. You will need to provide us with factual information & documentation to support your circumstances to ensure there are no impediments to you securing an EMDG.

2. We go to work on your Application

Secondly we set to work ensuring your EMDG application is in the correct manner & form by referencing the EMDG Act, Rules & Guidelines.
Based on your Promtional budget we will work with you to prepare a Plan to Market for the appropriate Teir (1,2,3 or 4) including any addtional submissions ie Goods Rule 19(1)(d) & Services rule 21(b) and ready your EMDG Application for your review.

3. You review our work before we e-Lodge your EMDG Application

Third we ready all elements of your EMDG application for your review including the relevant Declartions & Austrade Authorisations ensuirng everything is correct before we e-Lodge your application via the AUSTRADE EMDG portal.

4. AUSTRADE assesses your EMDG Application & YOU accept the Grant Offer

Fourth we facilitate the assessment process and all things being well, AUSTRADE will offer you a Grant Agreement for a specified amount.* An authorised representaive of your business will need a MyGov ID & is required to sign the Grant Agreement Offer.

* NB: Once all applications have been received, AUSTRADE will calculate the distribution amount of available funds for ALL eligible applications.

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