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EMDG Consulting’s Senior Partner John Taylor brings 20 years of EMDG Experience, Expertise & Knowledge, delivering personalised guidance that makes us the ideal partner to secure your Export Market Development Grant. We navigate the grant process effortlessly, confirming your eligibility, ensuring the accuracy of your application, submissions and supporting documentation such that they align with your business legal structure, your product/s & your Export Market Development Goals.

Benefit from our commitment to excellence as we optimise your application, Guiding You Every Step of the Way, ensuring that your grant application is complete and complies with the EMDG Act, Austrade’s Rules/Regulations & Guidelines. Choose us, and tap into our expertise, experience, and knowledge to secure and maximise your Export Market Development Grant.

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We charge a commission less our minimum fee on a successful milestone report. We charge our minimum fee upon a successful application, which is confirmed by the issuance of a Grant Offer. No other charges will apply unless we agree in advance apply. Fees are agreed in advance. We get fully paid when you receive your full EMDG entitlement.

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  • Agribusiness & Aquaculture
  • Arts & entertainment
  • Automotive & Engineering
  • Aviation
  • Biotechnology
  • Business Services
  • Clean Energy
  • Construction
  • Consulting
  • Consumer Goods
  • Creative industries
  • Cyber Security
  • Defence
  • Education
  • Franchising
  • Health and Medical
  • ICT
  • Intellectual Property
  • IT services and software
  • Meats and processed foods
  • Medical devices
  • Mining Technology and Services
  • Oil and Gas
  • Printing and publishing
  • SaaS
  • Tourism and hospitality
  • Wine Industry

John has exceptional knowledge of the EMDG process and provided every assistance possible to our company in order to maximise our claim for marketing expenses. It was a pleasure to do business with him.

Austrade considered that John Taylor ‘demonstrated high levels of professional practice and client service’ listing John Taylor as a preferred consultant on its web site 2005 – 2013. From 2013 – 2022, Austrade granted extended lodgement privileges to John Taylor, listing him on the Austrade website as an Approved Consultant under the now expired Quality Incentive Program. (Source Austrade)

John has been instrumental in assisting my clients with their Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) applications, demonstrating exceptional expertise and dedication.

John’s clear communication, client-focused approach, and up-to-date knowledge of guidelines and regulations ensure that his clients maximize their grant eligibility and receive the financial support they deserve. With John and EMDG Consulting’s assistance, businesses can confidently navigate the EMDG landscape and unlock the full potential of their export endeavours.

I highly recommend John Taylor and EMDG Consulting for any business seeking expert assistance with EMDG applications. Their service is truly second to none.

… good to get the full (EMDG) amount.

Thanks very much for all your help over the years & best of luck with the business.

Wishing you the best for Christmas & the new year.

EMDG Consulting was instrumental in advising the nature of expenditure support required, and transforming this documentation into an organised claim and work paper file. A great amount of work was completed behind the scenes and all deadlines were met. Tenix LADS had not pursued any further EMDG entitlements following an unfavourable decision by Austrade … EMDG Consulting reviewed our eligibility …and developed a new claim strategy which resulted in us making three successful claims totalling over $400,000 in our final three claim years.

…Received the cheque – thank you for your assistance with this – was quite surprised and relieved to see the cheque without any queries with our submission – was definitely worth the rush in the end!

…In addition, I wish to take this opportunity to acknowledge the highly professional services of Mr John Taylor, who very ably assisted my staff with the preparation of the (EMDG) application. Please accept my sincere appreciation on behalf of the staff and students of Annesley College.

John, Many thanks for your efforts and guidance we are very appreciative.

A very speedy EMDG return & a great result whichever way you look at it! Thank you again for all your assistance & “coaching”.

Just a quick acknowledgement on the high quality of some of the files you have lodged this year. (2007) ….the Tenix LADS application was exceptionally well done with all additional documentation well presented. Given the time of year and the stress we are all under I just wanted to, on behalf of Austrade, acknowledge your efforts. Well done.

John’s attention to the detail and compliance coupled with his considerable experience and knowledge in and around the application process for EMDG has ensured an excellent outcome for us in attaining additional financial support for our export of services in Asia. I highly recommend his consulting services to any business exporting or considering exporting.

Our exporting performing arts group, Women with Standards, is now the happy recipient of a substantial EMDG grant thanks to the sensational work of John Taylor. We contacted John after finding ourselves completely confused by the complexity of the grant application process. John made everything simple, had an intimate knowledge of the grant criteria and what information was required, and was a joy to work with. Our grant was randomly selected for a sample audit, which required thorough scrutiny of all our supporting documentation by Austrade, John’s meticulous work ensured we passed the test with flying colours. It always felt like he was batting on our team. We can’t recommend him highly enough.’

Seymour College has been working with John Taylor from EMDG Consulting since 2004 to access Export Market Development Grant funding. John’s intimate knowledge of the grant process has resulted in us receiving in excess of $100,000 in financial support for our international marketing activities and we would like to thank EMDG Consulting for their outstanding assistance over the past 7 years.

John Taylor has exceptional experience and commitment to ensuring his clients receive the best advice and thereby to maximise their access to this valuable scheme and its cash grants. We would have found it most difficult to have achieved anywhere near the success we have gained, without his guidance over the past 10 years. Thanks John. Robert, Biosensis and Gropep