Assisting business with EMDG Grants

Are YOU an Exporter or an aspiring exporter?

Australian government grants* of
between $5,000 and up to a maximum of $150,000
are available for claims lodged from 1 July 2013**

* Seven grants can be claimed per applicant.
** $125M per annum is available for EMDG purposes.

EMDG Consulting can guide your Australian business through the Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) government grant submission process from the very beginning through to when you receive your grant payment from Austrade.

EMDG Consulting can:

  • Determine your Export Market Development Grant eligibility status
  • Register you with Austrade
  • Prepare your Export Market Development Grant submission
  • eLodge your Export Market Development Grant application
  • Facilitate the Export Market Development Grant audit process.

Our Clients are billed on a success fee basis.

We oversee and provide you with a document collection system that captures the necessary grant application information to qualify for this government grant.

You can expect on-going information including reminders, education, notification of rule changes and relevant media releases ensuring that your needs and expectations are met and increasing your opportunities for a successful Export Market Development government grant submission.

We take responsibility for and manage all aspects of your Export Market Development Grant claim.

Even if you are familiar with government grants or the Export Market Development Grant scheme, EMDG Consulting can add value via a review of your current situation and discussing ways to maximise your grant and restructuring your document procedures.

If you have previously

  • Been unsuccessful with your EMDG application
  • Suffered a major adjustment to your claim
  • Manufacture overseas
  • Believe that you are ineligible or
  • Simply want an assessment your options

Why not take advantage of our no obligation assessment of your situation.

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